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Is MacBook Air 2017 still worth buying?


The MacBook Air was in a weird place for a while – it was stuck with the same design as the 2011 model, and featured 5th-generation Intel Core processors – several generations behind the MacBook Pro and MacBook. However, even though it’s been replaced, the MacBook Air 2017 is still the most affordable macOS Mojave laptop on the market.

This isn’t the fastest MacBook out there, but the MacBook Air 2017 is still good enough to handle most things you’ll throw at it. Whether you’re surfing the web, doing some word processing or light photo editing, you’ll find a lot to love with the MacBook Air 2017.

The MacBook Air 2017 may just be one of the best laptops for anyone trying to break into the macOS ecosystem without emptying their savings account. It may be a little old, but most everyday users will find a lot to love here.


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